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Our stories matter because they give us our sense of who we are. We get used to the stories we habitually tell ourselves about our lives (we use 'story' simply as another word for the way we interpret our own experiences). But sometimes a closer look can be helpful. It can remind us of just how rich they are. It can reveal things we've never seen before. Or it can make us realise we should have let go of some of them years ago.

Our workshops are all about you – and we welcome anyone who would like space and time to take stock of where they are in their lives, celebrate past achievements, explore where they're going, and look at anything that could be getting in the way. Whatever it is that brings you to us, we encourage you to be curious, to push the boundaries, to learn from one another—and to have fun!


• become clearer about what matters most in your life

• make more of your natural creativity

• learn to be kinder to yourself

• connect more deeply with the people around you

• discover a stronger sense of purpose

• live your life more fully and authentically


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27/28 October 2018

Foundation Weekend

Appreciating Who I Am

Birnam Arts

Places available

2-9 September 2018

Advanced Residential

Further Life Stories In The Sun

Os Figueiros, France

Places available

19-26 May 2018

Foundation Residential

Life Stories In The Sun

Cortijo Romero, Spain

Places available

5/6 May 2018

Advanced Weekend

Living Life To The Full

Birnam Arts

Places available

17/18 November 2018

Advanced Weekend

Living Life To The Full

Birnam Arts

Places available

21 Jul-3 Aug 2018

Foundation Residential

Explore Your Story ...

Skyros , Greece

Places available

The Stories We Tell workshops are about making the most of yourself and your life.   They're about finding connection, direction, creativity and purpose. And they're about how telling, or re-telling, your life's stories can offer insights that allow you to move forward more easily and live your life more fully

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“Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers it in order to recount it.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez