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Skyros, now in its 40th year, was Europe's first ever course-based holiday centre and it remains the world leader in its field, described by The Sunday Times as ‘One of the World's Best Holidays'.

As at Cortijo Romero, this two-week residential workshop brings together the main themes from the two weekends, Appreciating Who I Am and Living Life To The Full (see Weekends). We will look at past history, family stories and our own experiences, along with the inner critic and the compassionate self, and what creativity and purpose mean to us—all with the aim of opening fresh vistas and nourishing the spirit.

As always, the stories we tell about ourselves and our lives, and the insights we can gain by revisiting them, are at the heart of these two weeks. As with the weekends, we also bring a mix of writing and other creative and therapeutic exercises together with shared conversation, in pairs and in the group, to our exploration of how we can connect more strongly and live more fully.

Over the course of two weeks there is also plenty of time and space to attend to mind, body and spirit. The pace is leisurely and the Skyros Centre offers a wide range of activities. At Skyros you can be yourself, reconnect with your essence, express your creativity, laugh as you haven't since childhood and make new friends for life.

Explore Your Story, Live Life More Fully

at the Skyros Centre on the enchanting Greek

island of Skyros

This Foundation Residential takes place at the Skyros Centre on the Greek island of Skyros. We are there as course leaders, running our own programme to fit in with the Skyros Centre schedule.