“Thank you so very much for one of the most insightful weekends I have ever had.”

Miranda McHardy, Counsellor

      The Stories We Tell

“I am truly grateful to have participated in something extraordinary.”

Michelle Sim, Marketing Communications


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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

Next Workshop:

Date: 30/31 October

Time: 10–12, 2-4 each day

Where: Zoom

Cost: £200

Limited to 12 places

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You can attend this workshop on its own, or as the first in a sequence with Creative & Critic.

We call, this workshop Life Stories because exploring our stories can help us understand and appreciate ourselves for who we really are. Only then can we start to live more fully, more confidently and expansively. To help you, we draw on exercises and techniques from many sources.

We work with both the left and right brain. We use writing and other creative exercises based around symbolism and metaphor, along with some therapeutic tools, visualisations, discussion and simple sharing of our own experiences—in pairs, in small groups and in the larger group.

We want you to leave feeling expanded, with a clearer vision of the things that really matter to you, and a deeper sense of connection with yourself, your purpose and natural creativity. All of this, of course, becomes even more important  in times of uncertainty.

These workshops are fun, creative, thought-provoking and sometimes surprising. They’ll prompt plenty of laughter, perhaps a few tears, but above all they will offer new and rewarding ways of seeing and being.

We work together for two two-hour sessions each day. So that you get the most from the weekend we also set a light task during the mid-day break and overnight. For CPD purposes the workshop counts as 6 hours per day.

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  JAMIE & SARAH JAUNCEY           

WORKING ONLINE  Online workshops can be intense and tiring, so we pay special attention to comfort and pace. Our format of two hours on, two hours off, and two hours on works very well. During each two hour session we make sure there are plenty of offscreen tasks, short breaks and private breakout conversations, along with group discussion.


what we can learn from the stories we tell

On this weekend we look at our personal and family histories, as well as the influence of significant people and events in our lives. By revisiting these stories we tell about our lives we can gain a fresh perspective on who we are, and how we can manage the challenges of living in an increasingly uncertain world. You can attend this workshop on its own, or as the first in a sequence with Creative and Critic.