“Thank you so very much for one of the most insightful weekends I have ever had.”

Miranda McHardy, Counsellor

      The Stories We Tell


developing a voice that's truly your own

Whether you have a particular writing project, are interested in writing for wellbeing, or simply want to develop your own writing 'voice', this is an opportunity to reflect on what it takes to speak authentically, and what may get in the way.

"A feast for the senses, the soul and the psyche.  I arrived worrying what I’d find to write about and left having found more voices than I knew I had and more confidence. We shared our writing and we shared our hearts. That can only happen when, as always, Jamie and Sarah offer such thought, quality, humour and safety.  And all of that achieved online.  Genius!"

Sally Pendreigh, Counsellor

    personal insight workshops with                 

  JAMIE & SARAH JAUNCEY           

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Philip Pullman

Next Workshop:

27-29 Nov (Fri–Sun)

Time: 10–12, 2-4 each day

Where: Zoom

Cost: £325.00

Limited to 8 places

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This weekend is about making the inner and outer connections that enable you to find real meaning and speak your personal truths in whatever you write – whether you intend it for an audience or simply for yourself.

We use a combination of creative writing and therapeutic techniques to stimulate the imagination, free the words, and overcome possible obstacles to a voice that feels authentically yours.

You will do lots of short writing exercises, along with discussion in pairs and in the larger group.  You'll draw on poetry and fiction, as well as memoir and observation. You'll work with metaphor, symbols and visualisations, and you'll explore connections with both the human and natural worlds.The benefits of writing as a practice for wellbeing and for life are a key theme of the weekend. There will also be opportunities to discuss personal writing projects.

We stress that this weekend is not about how 'good' a writer you are or would like to be. Rather it's to do with finding the confidence to say what really matters to you in the way it suits you best to say it. Ultimately it's about Writing From The Heart— because that's how we connect best, both with ourselves and with those around us.

WORKING ONLINE  We're aware that online workshops can be intense and tiring, so we pay special attention to comfort and pace. We've found that two hours on, two hours off, and two hours on—with a light task during the midday break—works very well. During each two hour session we make sure there are plenty of offscreen tasks, short breaks and private breakout conversations, along with group discussion.


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